Top Recommended Cleaners For Your Mountain Bike

Top Recommended Cleaners For Your Mountain Bike

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Top Recommended Cleaners For Your Mountain Bike

As mountain bikers, we care about using the right gear for our bodies and the right products for our bikes. From the helmets we wear to the best suspension and tires, it matters when you’re flying down a single track at breakneck speeds. The same should be for the products we use to wash our bikes, specifically ones that have been specially formulated for your mountain bike. What does specially formulated mean? It means that it is pH balanced so it won’t strip grease from bearings, won’t damage or corrode your rims or anodized parts. In short, it is designed to preserve the life, look, and performance of your mountain bike.

Our Top Three Cleaning Products

Our Off-Road Starter Kit is exactly what you need in your garage. It’s our 3 step process to wash, degrease, and protect your bike. It features our Offroad Wash, Cleaner & Degreaser, and Shine.

#1 Slick Off-Road Wash: Our flagship product is a non-corrosive cleaning solution specially formulated to break down dirt and mud. We made it to be safe on paint, plastics, carbon fiber, metal surfaces, anodized parts, and designed not to dry out or degrease your chains.

#2 Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser:  Our pH balanced, non-corrosive cleaning product that we specially formulated with high-quality ingredients. It’s formulated to break down the unwanted grease and grime on your bike while being safe on all finishes and metal surfaces.

#3 Shine & Protectant - Our silicone based high-gloss detail spray specially formulated to quickly shine and protect surfaces. You can safely apply it to aluminum, carbon, paint, powder-coat, and more! It provides a brand new look and makes future washes easier by preventing mud from sticking to your bike. It also protects and restores faded surfaces. This is the last step that will really make your bike shine!

To learn more and purchase our non-corrosive cleaning products designed to preserve the life, look and value of your mountain bike we recommend checking out our Off-Road Starter Kit. For more cleaning tips and products to make your bike wash easier, visit

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