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How To Avoid Water Spots On Your Vehicle

How To Avoid Water Spots On Your Vehicle

How To Avoid Water Spots On Your Vehicle

For those of us who love a clean, spotless vehicle one of the biggest frustrations is undoubtedly water spots. They are certainly frustrating but thankfully they can be avoided by following some simple strategies when washing our vehicles. Before we dig into how to avoid them, let’s find out what it is and why they occur.

So what is hard water and how can you avoid the spots?

Hard water has a high mineral content which is commonly found in your tap and hose water. Anytime this water is allowed to dry (evaporate) on the surface of your vehicle, either the paint or the glass, it leaves the minerals behind which create the whitish spots that we all dread.  

  1. Make sure your vehicle has had time to cool down. A hot or warm surface means the water will evaporate faster not allowing you time to towel dry it off.
  2. Wash your vehicle in the shade. This is similar to the first point, if the sun heats up your vehicle’s surface, the water will evaporate before you have time to dry it off with a towel.
  3. Use Slick Wash & Wax. For street vehicles this product is perfect since it contains a wax additive that will create a barrier between the painted surface of your vehicle and the dirt, minerals, and other contaminants your car comes in contact with on a daily basis.
  4. Keep your entire vehicle wet during the wash process. This will help avoid any water drying on the surface. Once you are done, we suggest a shammy towel to get the big water spots off and then use our Slick Microfiber Towel to buff out the rest.

By using our 3-step cleaning process and following these easy tips, you shouldn’t have any issues avoiding those unsightly spots!

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