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"Wash it right, or don't do it at all." - Ricky Carmichael

The Greatest Motocross Rider Of All Time, Ricky Carmichael always gave 100% throughout his racing career both on and off the track. As a young racer, he always enjoyed washing his bike and knew how important it was to take care of his equipment.

In 2016 Ricky discovered Slick Products and loved everything about the company and products he became a part-owner. "Slick Off-Road Wash is the best in the business," says Ricky "and the 3-step cleaning process is awesome and dummy-proof". Watch this short video to hear more about what Ricky had to say.



Ricky Carmichaels built a limited edition Wash Kit that includes his favorite products and is delivered to you in a custom wash kit box. Order yours by clicking the link below and receive free shipping for qualifying orders.