Windy City Jeep Product Test

Windy City Jeep Product Test

Windy City Jeep Force Product Test

When a Jeep Club in Chicago decides to go out for a day in the trails to get muddy and they make a video cleaning up with Slick Products, we definitely want to watch!


Customer Videos are the Best!  

When Windy City Jeep Force contacted us to let us know they did a wash video and review on our Offroad Bundle, we were excited to hear (and see) the results! Here at Slick Products, we are huge fans of customer wash videos because we are hearing directly from YOU and we absolutely love seeing how you all use our products! Windy City Jeep Force is one of those clubs who know how to have a good time in the mud and we were stoked to hear how much fun they had using our foam cannon and how they cut their time in ½ with our easy and effective 3-step cleaning process.  

We often get emails asking us about our products and what makes them different from other cleaners on the market. Our response is always the same, we make safe and effective cleaners designed specifically for off-road vehicles. Unlike household cleaners which can etch and corrode, our products are designed to be safe for the aftermarket parts you find all over off-road vehicles. We care about using the right cleaning products because just like you, we spend time in the trails and on the track! We get muddy and dirty and want to preserve the life, look, and value of our vehicles.      

If you ever decide to make a wash video using our products, please send it to us and we would love to feature you! To learn more about our specially formulated non-corrosive cleaners, please visit