The Purpose Of A Dirt Bike Exhaust Plug - Ricky Carmichael Explains

The Purpose Of A Dirt Bike Exhaust Plug - Ricky Carmichael Explains

The purpose of a dirt bike exhaust plug, explained by none other than Ricky Carmichael himself.
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The Purpose Of Your Dirt Bike Wash Plug

There is nothing more frustrating than unloading your sparkly clean bike at the track and finding out it won’t start. If you wash your dirt bike without using a dirt bike exhaust plug, this is exactly the risk you're running.

The purpose of a dirt bike exhaust plug is exactly what it sounds like: it jams into your exhaust to plug it up so that no water gets into your exhaust while you wash your bike. Our Dirt Bike Wash Kit is the fastest, safest, easiest way to wash your bike in the world. But you know what? It won't matter a lick if all that foamy wash solution is shooting up your exhaust.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, has to say:

What To Do (Even If You Don't Have An Exhaust Plug Laying Around)

1. Use A Dirt Bike Exhaust Plug To Plug Your Exhaust: This is the most common and secure way to ensure it keeps the water out. Exhaust plugs are usually rubber or plastic and designed to fit perfectly into your exhaust. They are available at most shops and have different sizes to fit a 4-stroke or 2-stroke.

Don't have one on hand? Grab a plastic bag or rubber glove, stretch it over the exhaust, and secure it with a rubber band if necessary (it probably is if you're using a pressure washer). Worst case scenario: shove a rag in the hole and make sure there is a good amount still left out so you can pull it out. You will have bigger problems if you get it stuck. 

Whatever you use, don't forget to remove it after washing or you may have an even tougher time starting the bike. It happens all the time. 

2. Use A Foam Cannon With Non-Corrosive Wash Formulas. If you're still going with the soap & bucket wash method, you're doing it wrong! Your wash will take forever and there's a good chance you're corroding your paints and plastics. Again, we recommend the Dirt Bike Wash Kit for this with the right foam cannon for either your garden hose or pressure washer. Since most riders are using a foam cannon now, making sure your formulas are non-corrosive is crucial– as is plugging that exhaust!

3. Don’t Spray There. This isn't the ideal total solution, and if you have an exhaust plug, you're probably in good shape either way. But don't be dumb either: as you're foaming down your ride, be aware of where you're spraying. Especially if you're using a plastic bag, rubber glove, rag, or some other solution.

That's it: the dirt bike exhaust plug is a simple, inexpensive tool that makes your dirt bike washing life a whole lot easier.

Just ask the best moto rider of all time.