3 Things You SHOULD Do After Washing Your Dirt Bike

3 Things You SHOULD Do After Washing Your Dirt Bike

3 Things You SHOULD Do After Washing Your Dirt Bike

Hopefully you had a quick and easy clean-up using Slick Products Off-Road Bundle but there are a 3 very important things you should also be doing after each dirt bike wash. These following tips are easy and will help maintain the life, look, and value of your ride.


One, Two, Three, and Done. 

#1 Dry It Off: 
Water that sits or gets into exhaust or electrical parts is never good. One way to combat this is by using an air compressor, or a leaf blower and blast some air into the nooks and crannies to dry it up. You should also start the bike and run the engine for a few minutes which will heat up and evaporate any water that may have found its way into areas you don’t want it to be in.

#2 Air Filter Check: Imagine running with your nose plugged, you wouldn’t be performing at 100% would you? We all know that a dirty filter slows air flow and lowers engine performance but if left too dirty it can also let dirt into the engine and lead much more serious issues. This is not hard to check and often does not require you to clean it every time if you are not riding in really dusty conditions. Just make sure to always give it a look after each wash and your dirt bike will thank you.

Pro Tip: own a couple air filters, and swap in a clean one after every ride. When they are all dirty, then sit down and clean them all at once - its really efficient!

#3 Lubricate, Shine, and Protect: Cleaning is great for removing dirt and grime, but it can sometimes remove lubrication from bearing and pivots points so it best to always listen for squeaky bearings and make sure to re-grease them if it sounds suspicious. You should also make it a habit to oil your chain after each wash. A dried out chain can lead to serious injuries and possible death so it is never worth the risk. Elevate your bike tire, click into neutral and give it a spin to quickly lube the chain. We also recommend using Slick Products Shine & Protectant on plastics, under fenders, and even on engine casing to help protect surfaces from corrosion. It also gives your dirt bike a showroom shine and make cleaning much easier on your next wash.

For non-corrosive cleaning products designed to preserve the life, look and value of your dirt bike we recommend checking out our Off-Road Bundle. For more cleaning tips and product to make your dirt bike wash easier, visit slickproductsusa.com.

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