You won’t find a better way to wash your street vehicles! Use our premium car care products to quickly clean and protect your ride leaving behind a professional shine.


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EASY 3-StepS




Dilute the Wash & Wax and apply solution to the entire surface of your vehicle. Agitate with the soft wash mitt provided, then rinse thoroughly. Dry the surfaces with the soft microfiber towels to buff in the wax layer and leave a smooth, high-gloss coating on your paint finish.


Target Grime

Apply our powerful Cleaner & Degreaser to tires, rims, engine bay, and any other areas with nasty grime, grease, or tough film without etching or corroding surfaces. Allow the solution to soak for a minute, scrub thoroughly using a soft bristle brush, then rinse


SHINE & Protect

For a fresh new look to plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces apply our Shine & Protectant. Do not use on tire treads. Lastly, apply the Instant Detailer to give your paint a final protective coating after washing or to maintain the high-gloss luster between washes.

why slick's wash kit

Slick Products was designed to maintain the life, look, and value of your dirty toys. We specially formulated our wash products and cleaners to be gentle on bearings, safe on expensive parts, and provide our customers the right products to achieve professional results on the toughest jobs.

Saves time

make your next wash fast and fun

Washing your vehicle with dish soap and bucket is thing of the past. It is not only slow but it also wastes a lot of product which means a waste of money. Our concentrated Wash & Wax is designed to quickly and effectively clean surfaces while leaving a protective coating. Simply dilute the soap and pair with a foam gun to be armed with the fastest and easiest tools to wash a vehicle. You may also mix in a pump sprayer or trigger sprayer if foam guns are not available.

safe on surfaces

won't etch, discolor , or fade parts.

Using generic, cheap cleaners with high pH levels can be extremely harmful to your expensive vehicle. This high-intensity cleaning may be great for shop floors or industrial uses, but it’s the last thing you want to spray on your precious vehicle. Choosing the RIGHT cleaners that are safe for paint, plastic, metal surfaces and bearings is very important. Slick Products are non-corrosive and designed to help you to maintain the life, look, and value of your vehicle for years to come.


LEAVES a like-new shine

Getting a showroom shine doesn’t have to take hours of detailing. Slick Products has developed the perfect combination of products and teamed them with an easy application that delivers a superior cleaning experience. Simply follow our guaranteed 3-step process and leave your vehicle looking like new and ready for your next adventure.


We are so confident you will love your purchasethat we offer our Slick Promise. If you’re not entirely happy, or if anything is missing or damaged with your order we will refund your money or exchange the goods.

QUESTIONS? we have answers.

How much does it cost to ship?

FREE!!! That's right, we offer free shipping on this offer and also any order that is $75 or more if your address is within the United States lower 48 states.

Can I return this if I don't like?

Yes! We are so confident you will enjoy using these products and have a great experience that we offer a money-back guarantee on our 3-Step process.

How many washes do you get out of one 32 oz. bottle of the Wash & Wax?

The Off-Road Wash is super concentrated and will make about 4 gallons. The amount of washes will vary depending on the size of your vehicle and how dirty it is. On average for medium sized vehicles like a standard car, customers will use about 2 ounces per wash and get about 16 washes per bottle.

How much product do I mix into the foam cannon / gun / sprayer?

If you are using either foam cannon for pressure washers or foam gun for garden hose, you will fill up the containers with water first then add about 2-4 ounces and adjust settings for desired foam. For thick white foam add more soap and adjust your dial to highest setting. If you are using hand pump foam sprayer you will fill the tank up half way and only add 1 ounce.

How do I get thick white foam?

Results will vary depending on the strength of your pressure washer and what settings you select on the gun. We recommend using the instructions below as a good place to start and add more soap and adjust your dial to highest setting until you achieve the desired result.

Foam Cannon or Gun: 4-8 ounces
Hand Pump Foamer: 1 ounce

Are these products safe for metal parts?

All our wash products are pH balanced and when used as directed will not etch or discolor metal surfaces or anodized aluminum parts.

Can I use these products on anything else besides my car?

These products can all be used on your car as well as your motorcycle, trailers, motorhome, RV, campers, boats, and more.