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Slick Products is more than just a company that makes cleaning products, we are about making the RIGHT cleaners that work for you. In 2008, brothers Brian and Jimmy Wilkinson along with their father Jim designed a formula that would quickly clean off the red Hawaiian mud from their dirt bikes without corroding or damaging the metal and plastic. That product was called Slick Offroad Wash and in 2009 won a prestigious SEMA Global Media Award for Best New Offroad Product and became the official cleaner of the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Over the last decade, we have invested everything into building a company rooted in hard work, family values, and taking excellent care of the things we love. We have made it our goal to educate and encourage our customers to take pride in the things they love and it is our mission to provide safe and effective cleaning products that maintain the life, look, and value of your vehicles.

We are still a family company and our cleaning products are the best in the world for off-road vehicles. We recently had the privilege of partnering with one of our childhood hero’s, 15x AMA Champion Ricky Carmichael. He comes from humble beginnings and not only related to Slick’s story, but loved our products so much that he wanted to be a part of our family.

Here at Slick we strive to find new methods and products that simplify cleaning and make vehicles look their best for years to come so you can spend less time cleaning and more time riding.

We truly appreciate you choosing Slick Products.