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Renew the life, look, and value of your vehicle with this easy-to-use silicone-based coating. Slick Products Shine & Protectant is designed for interior and exterior use on plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, and more. It is also specially formulated to protect and reduce the adhesion of mud and debris while providing a rich luster and like-new appearance in seconds.

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Shake well before using. Clean and dry surfaces before application. Hold can approximately 5-10 inches away from the surface and push down on the actuator to activate. Apply a light, even coat and allow the product to disperse and absorb for a few seconds before wiping or buffing into the surface. For a wet, high-gloss appearance, do not wipe down.


Exterior/Interior Coating


Slick Products



Product Material

Silicone-Based Coating

Product Color







13 fl. oz.


Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Fiberglass, and more.

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Slick Products are trusted cleaning and detailing choice of thousands of customers and 15x AMA Motocross Champion, Ricky Carmichael. Since 2009, we have built a company rooted in hard work, family values, and taking excellent care of the things we love.

We proudly stand behind the performance of our products so if you’re not completely satisfied or if something gets damaged in shipping, we will make things right and refund or replace the items. Thank you for trusting Slick Products to provide a faster, safer, and easier cleaning experience For All Your Dirty Toys.

Why Slick Shine & Protectant?

1. Looks Amazing!

The Shine & Protectant can be apply to almost any surface including plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, and more to renew the look in seconds. You can also wipe/buff into the surfaces for a deep rich appearance leaving it feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

2. Easy-To-Use 

Simply spray a light coat, let it sit for a minute then leave glossy or gently wipe/buff for a smooth, rich look.

3. Adds Protection

Provides a temporary coating that will create a barrier on the surface to help protect against corrosion and stains.

4. Reduces Adhesion

Creates a barrier to prevent the adhesion of dirt, mud, and other debris, making your clean-up even easier.

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Customer Questions

1. Can this be used on my car?

Yes, this can be used to target plastic, vinyl, and rubber areas. We do not recommended for use to coat your entire car but rather used to target select areas. If sprayed onto the exterior painted surfaces we recommended buffing well to a smooth shine. For best results apply to plastic, vinyl, or rubber surfaces. 

2. Can this be used on my boat/watercraft?

Yes, this can be used to coat fiberglass, rubber, plastic, or vinyl areas of your boat or watercraft. Do not apply to the deck or areas that should not become slippery.

3. What else can I use this on?

This product is amazing and will bring back the life to old bikes, bbq, lawn mowers, and more. Just spray on and wipe into the surfaces, or leave it thick on hard plastics and vinyl for a high-gloss shine. 

4. Can this be used on the engine?

This can be used on plastic or rubber parts around your engine. Let surfaces cool before applying and then allow them to sit for a 5-10 minutes for propellant to evaporate well. Use extreme caution when applying this around heat as the propellant is extremely flammable.

5. How long does it last?

This is not a permanent coating but it can last up to weeks on surfaces. Exposure to lots of water during washing or heavy rains after applying may affect the performance. 

6. Does it keep mud off?

The silicone coating will create a barrier that reduces adhesion. Dust, dirt and mud may land on the surface but have a tough time grabbing on and creating a strong bond which will make cleaning up your dirty vehicle much easier compared to not having the coating. 

7. Does it smell good?

Yes! We have added an enjoyable bubble gum scent that will make your senses smile and leave the area smelling fresh. 

8. Where is this made?

The Shine & Protectant is blended, bottle, and shipped in the USA.

9: Is this flammable?

Use extreme caution when applying this around heat as the propellant is extremely flammable.

10: How long does shipping take?

We ship to all US lower 48 states. On average all orders are shipped out within 1 business day.

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