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Richards, MO






Austin Forkner (aka: Farm Boy) started racing motocross in 2003 at the ripe old age of five. In his first year racing, Austin won the Show-Me Fall Series and was hooked. Austin continued racing in his home state until 2005 when he entered his first amateur national event at Ponca City where he finished top 10 in both 50cc 7-8 classes.

Racing and being competitive “runs” in Austin’s veins. His father Mike is a smooth motocross rider in his own right and Austin mother, Julie was a barrel racer on horses so it’s only been natural for Mike and Julie to support Austin. His parents were Austin’s primary support through 2010. That same year is when Austin was the only youth rider to win TWO National Titles at Loretta’s. Since his first AMA National title at Loretta's, Austin has been on the Kawasaki Team Green bikes as a factory supported rider.

In 2015 Austin set his sights on the pro ranks and made a plan on how he would transition to professional racing. He finished out his amateur career at the Loretta Lynn National Championships in August of 2015 with 2 victories and started working on his pro program. In September in his first pro race he finished 4th behind 3 seasoned veterans of the sport. In January he raced 2 Arenacross races winning the second one in Greensboro. Austin wrapped up his amateur career with wins at Daytona and Freestone. From there it was all about his first pro race the Hangtown Pro Motocross in California. Austin went to work with his team and finished 8th, the highest finishing rookie of the event. He went on to score a 2nd place overall and has already won a moto with 3 rounds still to go.


• Champion - Daytona Amateur Supercross (Open Pro-Sport)

• Champion - Daytona Amateur Supercross (250 A)

• Champion - AMA Spring Championship (250 A) - Freestone

• Champion - AMA Spring Championship


• Champion - Daytona Amateur Supercross (250 B)

• Champion - AMA Spring Championship (250 B/C) - Freestone• Champion - AMA Spring Championship Schoolboy 2 (13-16)

• Champion - Mammoth Mountain (250 B/C Open)

• Champion - Mammoth Mountain

• Champion - AMA Amateur National Championship 

• Champion - AMA Amateur National Championship

• Champion - Baja Brawl (250 Pro/Am) - Baja Acres

• Champion - Monster Energy Cup (All Stars)

• Champion - Winter Olympics (450 A) - Gatorback (MX)

• Champion - Winter Olympics (450 Pro Sport) - Gatorback

• Champion - Winter Olympics (250 A) - Gatorback (MX)

• Champion - Winter Olympics (450 A) - Gatorback SX)

• Champion - Winter Olympics (250 Pro Sport) - Gatorback

• Champion - Winter Olympics (250 A) - Gatorback (SX)



Austin and his mechanic, Name Lastname hand-selected these items that put the best look on the track. The signature 3-Step Program that Slick offers is just the tip of the iceberg. Austin makes sure he has enough Cleaner & Degreaser for his road bike that he trains on, Wash & Wax for his truck, and the sweet, sweet Shine for all the plastics he can find. Shop Austin's wash kit and save 15% instantly with FORKNER24 at checkout.  


• Off-Road Wash x2

• Wash & Wax x1

• Shine & Protectant x2

• Cleaner & Degreaser x1

• Wash Mitt

• Scrub Brush

• Microfiber Towels x2

Dirt Bike Wash Kit