Some shipments may be slightly delayed during this time

We are taking this matter very seriously and assure all our customers we are doing everything we can to maintain delivery schedules while protecting the health and safety of everyone. The following updates are effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice. Thank you to all our customers for your cooperation and understanding. For further questions or concerns please contact


At the beginning of this week, on March 16th, we enacted the following additional steps within our fulfillment centers. These necessary actions were authorized in order to make every possible effort of prevention of this deadly virus: Handwashing – all employees and agency associates were given strict instructions to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. Beginning and end of each work shift Before and after each break period Social Distancing – Avoidance of handshaking and/or hugs.

Disinfecting Schedules – Immediate implementation of ongoing cleaning efforts of common areas and material handling equipment. Staff members spending ten minutes disinfecting scanners, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc. several times throughout the day (“Ten for the Team”). Facility airflow – Both fulfillment centers are equipped with building exhaust fans to facilitate airflow throughout the day and help reduce airborne particles.

Building Visitors – All outside building visitors are strictly prohibited until further notice. This includes all customers, vendors and anyone deemed to be non-essential to operations. Employee Education on limiting exposures outside of work Traveling risks Gatherings – reduction and/or elimination (determined by constantly updating ordinances) Common areas of other businesses/stores (e.g. gas pumps, door knobs, etc.)

Employee review of COVID-19 symptoms – What to look for and resources to check Sick Employees/Associates – Instructions for any person(s) to stay at home if they are: Not well Are showing any signs of symptoms If they are diagnosed with any contagious illness(es) If it is determined that they feel they were exposed to anyone else showing signs/symptoms Carrier Pickups/Deliveries Drivers are required to check in as usually but to wait in their vehicles with engines off. Drivers will only be asked to assist with shipments for those parts in the pickup process that are deemed absolutely necessary (e.g. placing barcoded pro stickers onto outbound shipments). 


While we are taking every effort of protection and prevention, we are also doing it with the mindset of minimizing customer impact on our service levels.  As of the date of this message, we have not experienced any material delays or disruption to their inbound/outbound shipments. However, as business conditions change and governmental mandates are announced, we are expecting that to change. While we are committed to providing the highest service levels possible, ever-changing conditions are likely going to lead to a reduction of available workforce that is expected to have an impact to inbound and outbound operations. For these reasons, we are implementing the following revised service levels effective immediately: 

Inbound Receiving – Due to the possibility that inbound shipments may (or may not) contain traces of the virus, we will be quarantining all inbound shipments for 3-5 business days before the verification process for put away. Inbound shipments will be unloaded at time of delivery before being set aside during the quarantine process. This temporary policy is being rolled out to not only protect our team members, but to further protect the possibility of cross-contaminating other products currently within our fulfillment center. While we realize the inconvenience, we have determined it to be absolutely necessary for the sake of any person(s) coming in contact with these shipments – including the general public.

Outbound Order (Possible Delays) – Customer shipments may be affected depending on ever-changing work conditions. Our management team is exploring alternative ways to meet client needs while further reducing risks to employees working near each other during the same shift. Some of those efforts may include staggering shifts. Whatever may be implemented, additional efforts are likely to lead to some level of delays in processing, fulfilling and shipping customer orders. While most orders will continue to ship out same day (if received prior to cutoffs), customers should anticipate and plan that some orders may require additional time to ship out for reasons beyond our control. Please note that packages shipping with small parcel carriers may also experience even further delays should those carrier(s) be effected. Please contact those carriers directly for further updates: UPS FedEx USPS We do not take these impacts on service levels lightly. We realize they are not ideal. But we are confident in the understanding of our customers, our vendors and all other partners, that safety and prevention is our top priority. We have always acted in the best interest of our stakeholders and will continue to do so unless otherwise ordered by any local, state or federal authorities. Should there ever be governmental orders that are issued that would impact our operations, we will do our very best to communicate any possible shutdowns. Thank you for being a valued customer. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times. It is our hope and prayer that this virus is eradicated as quickly as possible, and that the impact on all of us is minimized as much as possible. Should you have any questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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