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Street Refill Bundle


• Cars
• Trucks
• Motorcycles
• Recreational Vehicles
• Motorhomes 


• Removes dirt & road grime
• Won’t strip lubrication or dry out bearings
• Won’t harm chrome, metal, painted surfaces or fade plastics
• Restores and protects surfaces
• Significantly shortens your wash time


(2) Wash & Wax (Makes Up To 8 Gallons)
(1) Instant Detailer (Ready-To-Use)
(2) Cleaner & Degreaser (Ready-To-Use)
(3) Shine & Protectant (Aerosol Spray)

The Street Refill Bundle is designed to give you just the right amount of products when you’re running low! Our Wash and Wax will effectively break down dirt and road grime and leave a layer of protective wax without stripping your curent wax or gel-coat. Our pH balanced cleaner safely attacks grease and grime without harming the chrome and paint and our specially formulated silicone finish spray provides a high-gloss coating that restores your vehicle’s plastics as well as leaves a protective coating which can help make your next wash even more effective! Using our 3-step wash system every time is guaranteed to make your next clean-up even faster and easier!

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