Why Exhaust Plugs Are Important When Washing Your Dirt Bike

Why Exhaust Plugs Are Important When Washing Your Dirt Bike

January 01, 2017

Why Exhaust Plugs Are Important When Washing Your Dirt Bike

There is nothing more frustrating than unloading your sparkly clean bike at the track and finding out it won’t start. Often times this is caused from water entering the exhaust and could have easily been prevented with a simple exhaust plug. Ricky Carmichael, the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) shares his tips and tricks for maintaining and keeping your dirt bike running like the pros.


Water that gets into your exhaust can ruin your day. Taking a quick second to plug the exhaust before washing with dirt bike cleaning products will help ensure your bike will fire up the same way it did before you washed it. Here are a couple easy tips on how to easily do it.

Exhaust Plug: This is the most common and secure way to ensure it keeps the water out. Exhaust plugs are usually rubber or plastic and designed to fit perfectly into your exhaust. They are available at most shops and have different sizes to fit a 4-stroke or 2-stroke. Don’t forget to remove them after washing or you may have an even tougher time starting the bike. It happens all the time.

Plastic Bag, Rubber Glove, or Rag: Another quick way to accomplish this, is to use a plastic bag or rubber glove and stretch it over the exhaust. You could also use a rubber band to secure it firmly so that it does not spray off when washing. If you don’t have either, then shove a rag in the hole and make sure there is a good amount still left out so you can pull it out. You will have bigger problems if you get it stuck.

Don’t Spray There: If all else fails, try not spraying in there. There have been many situations where we were in a rush or didn’t have anything available so it is best to try avoid rinsing and allowing water to run straight into the exhaust. If it does get in there just make sure to try start your bike right away and try to blow out as much of the water as your can.

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